Town & Country Autumn 2019

The Town & Country Top Ten: what to see, do, eat and buy in November (2019)


Daphne Stephenson’s painted scarves at Wimbledon Art Fair

On Thursday 14 November, the artist Daphne Stephenson is bringing a collection of magical painted scarves to Wimbledon Art Fair, opening her studio to the public alongside 140 others. Stephenson practises naïve art, a type of art created by someone who has not had formal training, which she says has always fascinated her ‘because of its pure, primitive, unpretentious, childlike qualities’.

Her scarves feature expertly painted tropical birds and forests in deep, vivid colours, inspired by her recent travels to the Caribbean islands, and her childhood summers spent in Kashmir. She remembers the ‘vibrant trees, flowers and jungle life along the lakes; the sound, smell and atmosphere of squawking parrots and swinging monkeys was utterly mesmerising.’ Stephenson’s scarves, limited-edition prints and some original pieces will all be available for sale; plus, expect live music on Thursday evening, and a cafe with organic cakes and a wine bar.

Daphne Stephenson will be at Wimbledon Art Fair from 14 to 17 November at Studio 102. Original source: